Getting Back Together Safely

Guide for Parents and Young People to Scouting in the ‘amber stage’

April 2021

This page serves as a guide and a terms and conditions between yourself, the Young Person, the Leaders and the Group in making sure that we can return to Scouting as safely as possible.

The leadership team has had to complete a thorough risk assessment for our return to face-to-face Scouting and has been approved under the conditions that we stick to the rules outlined in this document.

We realise that some of the rules on this page may seem strange as the rules in school allow greater freedom for mingling, as we are governed by The Scout Association, we must follow all their rules, not the ones that Schools and other Youth Clubs use.

Please note with the ever-changing government guidelines, these rules are subject to change, all changes will be notified by email and the webpage updated.

The Strike System

A strike system will be in place. If rules of the government guidelines for social distancing are not adhered too and wilfully ignored several times, putting volunteers and young people at more risk then this may result in a ban; In which the young person cannot return under the current Scout Association’s amber alert system.

Their return will be reassessed once we move to Yellow Alert.

Before the Young People Arrive

As a parent, if your young people are showing any signs of COVID-19 DO NOT send them to the meeting, they may miss out on that week but there will be plenty more to join in later.

Some of our volunteers are classified under the vulnerable category and have been shielding most of the year since the 1st lockdown, whilst they have had at least one jab this does not make them immune!

Track and Trace System

As a parent to a young person of the group you will be regularly reminded of the Track and Trace guidelines. If a young person is showing any symptoms of COVID-19 you are to self-isolate following government guidelines and have a COVID-19 test. If a test comes back positive and the young person has attended a group session within the last 14 days you must inform the Deputy Group Scout Leader, Elizabeth Bilham, via email at, At this point Track and Trace procedures will be followed in line with government guidelines.

Arrivals and Departures

For drop off and collection of Young People please follow the following steps:

  1. Please only send one parent per household to drop off and collect.
  2. All sections will have different arrival and departure times to help spread out the amount of people in one place at the time.
  3. If you have young people across several sections, please be prepared to wait in the car or somewhere nearby.
  4. The start and end time stated on OSM for the meeting, is the beginning of a 15 min time slot for you to come and collect your young person, if you think there are too many people in the queue please hold back and wait.
  5. A Queue system will be in place for entry and for collection of Young People.
  6. Please remain socially distanced in the queue and we ask can all people over the age of 10 to wear a face covering if queuing. (unless medically exempt)
  7. Each Young Person will need to sanitise hands upon entry and have their temperature checked, if above 38 degrees centigrade, young person will not be allowed to attend and sent home.
  8. All Young People to be ‘handed over’ one at a time upon arrival and departure.
  9. Parents will not be allowed to go past the gates.

In the case of not meeting at our normal meeting place, you will be given arrival and departure instruction on OSM or by email, for example if dropping off and collecting from a hike, please stand by your car and allow the Young People to join the group (safely of course!)

Personal Protection Equipment – What do I need to bring?

  • A face covering/mask.
    • When in the hall all young people 10 years upwards and all adults to wear face coverings, always, except for eating and drinking activities.
  • Your own hand sanitiser.
  • Your own water bottle, named!
  • A waterproof – we will be outside no matter the weather.
  • Bring your own camp chair.

First Aid

Any first aid instances will be observed on an individual basis. Where possible we will give instructions to allow the young people to administer basic first aid for themselves. (like plasters and ice packs)

But when requiring a first aider help, the young person will be asked to wear a mask (where possible) and the first aider will put on the required PPE. We will always put the Young Peoples well being first and foremost.

Whilst doing Activities

  • Clear boundaries using cones, tape or other prominent markers will be set out for each group to ensure no confusion of group’s activity zone.
  • Young People stay in your activity zone, unless going to toilet or during arrival and departure.
  • Any personal kit needed for the session to be always kept with the Young Person.
  • One leader will be allocated to each session to be the ‘toilet monitor’. This adult will be responsible for crowd control of the toilets.
  • All young people to ask the ‘toilet monitor’ if they can use the toilets. Once back from the toilets the Young People must let the leader know they are out.
  • No more than 2 young people are allowed in the toilets at one time.
  • Remember that social distancing rules still apply in the toilet areas and to “make space” between each other in line with government guidelines.

Key Rules!

  • You must always keep to government social distancing guidelines!
    • 2m when not wearing a mask.
    • 1m+ when wearing a mask.
  • Do not come if unwell.
  • Remember – Hands, Face, Space.
  • Do not bring extra unnecessary personal items with you.
  • Remember your PPE!
  • Stick to the queue rules.
  • Stay in your Activity Zone.
  • Listen to the leader’s instructions carefully.
  • Have FUN!

If any of the Young People cannot follow the rules, the parents will be rung and informed to come pick them up.

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls