Marcus’s Experience at the National Shooting Competition in Bisley

Date: 14th Nov 2022 Author: Scout Websites

I would like to review my time at the National Shooting Competition in Bisley. My experience at Bisley was amazing as it was very big and had lots of wonders to achieve. From hard shooting in the muddy field to a big pressure in a shooting tournament, this was a journey I will never forget.

So at the National Shooting Competition there are various different parts in the camp. For example:

The main buildings

  • The camp-sites
  • The shooting ranges

Inside of the shooting range house

  • 6 yard pistol range
  • 6 yard rifle range
  • 10 yard field target
  • Sprint target
  • 22 small bore
  • Knock out
  • Armoury
  • Cafeteria
  • Entertainment room

Knock out

Personally I think knock out is my favourite as I could enter a tournament and play against multiple people. You have 10 pellets and need to is to knock down 5 targets. The person who can knock down the most pellets by the end wins. If however the two people shoot the same amount of targets the fiend rangers will see how much pellets you got left. If you have also the same amount of pellets then they will do a coin flip. Unfair right!

Sadly, I made it only to the 5th round as I had too much pressure. Advice to take if you ever go shooting tournament is to never panic.

Entertainment room/Cafeteria/Armoury

These rooms are rooms you might go usually except the armoury. The Armoury is a place for people that enjoy vintage things. The others like the cafeteria and the entertainment room is where you go in your free time. In the entertainment room you have a live roller hockey matches going on and you can also access the football table. The Cafeteria is a place meet friends and have fun when you don’t have any thing to do. Also to eat!

All the others are just shooting from using pistol to a rifle at different lengths.

Field target

Field target is when you have 10 targets but 5 lanes. You move with a random person to lane by lane. You have 4 pellets each game to shoot 2 targets. Once you have done all of the five lanes then you move on to the next one. For that one, in my opinion is it’s very hard as you need to measure how the wind is blowing and your pellet is going to go.

Sprint target

Sprint target is when you sprint about 100m then get to your stand then shoot the most target.


Vintage is what you do when you are explorer or you are just high level and you get to do more complicated competitions. For example: Sprint Target, 10 yard rifle (their own one), etc…

6 yard pistol

The 6 yard pistol is when you have a pistol at 6 yard. (quite obvious!). In this part you have to hold the gun a specific way. You have to hold your gun with your right gun fully holding the handle and your left hand, placed under holding the bottom bit of the handle of the gun. This is only for 12 or under. If you are 13 or over then you hold it with your writing hand or the hand you are comfortable with with holding a pistol.

6/10 yard rifle

The 6/10 yard rifle (or you can say 6 or 10 yard rifle) is when you hold a rifle while shooting at a operative table. This part is very simple as it’s only to aim at the target with a specific position and you’re done.


Overall, I love my time at Bisley as it was a great opportunity for me to learn skills for future tournaments. Thank you for reading and have a good day!

Written by Marcus Cheung, 2nd Bognor Scouts

Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls